Scaffolding Safety Signs

There are signboards manufactured so that they could be used as warning signs to be hanged on the desired locations as indications or warnings for certain unsafe things or locations. These safety signs are really useful and are commonly found on scaffolding in birmingham and are available in several forms and with different materials.

Types and sizes

· Pre-Printed on to Di-Bond Backing SLIB boards

· Vinyl

· Vinyl mounted on plastic or Foamex

The signs come pre-printed or you can customize them as needed. All types of signs that can be used are available online and can be ordered and even delivered. But some signs are standard signs and are globally agreed upon. These include

· Traffic signs that are unchanged and are used worldwide.

· Danger signs are also universal all over the world

· Warning signs of dangerous areas, fire, stairs, electricity, hospital, disability ramps, WCs, exit signs, are just a few.

What we need to understand is that safety signs are just that, signs for our safety and our loved ones’ safety. So, we need to respect them and heed them when we see them anywhere. They will ensure safety at all times and in any place we happen to be.


It is essential that we teach our children and ourselves to:

· Look for these signs everywhere, be on the lookout for them

· Learn to understand them by researching what each sign means.

· Some of these signs are vital and draw a fine life between life and death like traffic signs and road signs.

· Put up signs in your home to learn their importance and the way to respect them.


Signs that can be used by anyone are available as a pack or as a single sign. They are sold online and in any hardware store. Some are in the form of boards or stickers.

Please respect and heed these simple writings on the wall! They can prevent a lot of scaffolding accidents, particularly those on scaffolding in birmigham